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Doctoral consortium


Abstract. The doctoral consortium is a full-day session intended for PhD students working within the field of Participatory Design. It will provide students with an opportunity to present issues of concern to them in their doctoral studies and receive extensive feedback from the session co-chairs and student participants. Enrolment is limited and selection will been based on application submissions. The proposal should give an overview of the PhD project, including research questions, motivations, methods, how the PhD work is related to Participatory Design, the status of current work, major findings and plans for further research. Accepted applicants will be asked to provide a revised and elaborated research summary (4 pages).


Andrew Clement, University of Toronto, CA
Lucy Suchman, Lancaster University, UK
Keld Bødker, Roskilde University, DK
Joan Greenbaum, City University of New York, US

Contact: doctoral consortium (Doctoralconsortium@pdc2012.org)