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WORKSHOP 106 MONDAY 09:00-17:00 ROOM 42-2.10


Participation – basic concepts and research challenges


Abstract. Participatory Design emerged as an area of research nearly four decades ago with a strong focus on the political dimension emphasizing people’s democratic rights to influence their own working conditions. During the recent years the context of use for information technology has spreads from the workplace to our homes, urban settings, rural areas, art, culture and almost all aspect of everyday life. The goal of the workshop is to shed light on to how the basic concept of ‘participation’ as well as other core concepts (democracy, emancipation, power, tradition and transcendence, experience) are being challenges in these the new domains. At a more general level, the goal of the workshop is to identify some of urgent research question the PD community is facing today.

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Susanne Bødker, Aarhus University
Kim Halskov, Aarhus University

Contact: Kim Halskov (halskov@cavi.dk)