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The Artful Integration Award


We welcome nominations for the fifth Artful Integration Award, to be presented at PDC 2012 in Roskilde, Denmark.  The Award is intended to recognize outstanding achievement in the area of participatory design of information and communications technologies. Where traditional design awards have gone to individual designers and singular objects, the Artful Integration Award emphasizes the importance of collaborative participation in design, and a view of good design as the effective alignment of diverse collections of people, practices and artifacts. The award will go to a group of people who together have worked out, in an exceptionally creative way, a new and useful integration. While no single element of the design might be particularly extraordinary in itself, the combination of design process and resulting possibilities will be.

We invite you to nominate candidates for the Artful Integration Award in 2012. Nominations should be mailed to Lucy Suchman no later than June 1, 2012.

The Artful Integration Awards Committee members for 2012 are Lucy Suchman, Ellen Balka, Judith Gregory, Randall Trigg and Helen Verran.

At PDC 2012 the fifth Artful Integration Award was presented to SIIDA.