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WORKSHOP 102 SUNDAY 09:00-17:00 ROOM 42-2.10


Working with human values in design


Abstract. A survey of the literature confirms that engaging with human values when designing technology is an important undertaking. However, despite these efforts, there is still considerable divergence and a lack of agreement in how we conceptualize and approach values during technology design. This workshop seeks to bring expertise from different perspectives on design to explore theoretical, methodological, and relational issues when working with values in design. The aim is to better conceptualize, understand and establish ways we can work more systematically and productively with human values in future designs.

More information: workshop website and two-page description


Ole Sejer Iversen, Aarhus University
Tuck Wah Leong, Newcastle University
Geoffrey Bowker, University of California
Judith Gregory, University of California
Peter Wright, University of Newcastle

Contact: Ole Sejer Iversen (oiversen@cs.au.dk)