Thanks to everyone who participated in PDC2012. See you at PDC2014.

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Fifth Artful Integration Award

Aug 12-16, 2012: PDC2012 in Roskilde

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PDC Art Event

Design spaces, private spaces, fictional spaces, semi-public spaces, spaces of opportunities, spaces of possible solutions, spaces for participatory creativity, narrative spaces, community spaces, spaces for interaction, living spaces, public spaces...

A great many spaces seem to traverse the field of Participatory Design. In these spaces networks of actors are coming together to play, explore and enact new practices and through the synergy of their participation design solutions of possible futures emerge.

This coming together has also been described as:

‘(…) an enactment of a “third space” neither belonging to potential users nor to the system designers”. […] we may think of this third space as in itself a community of practice in the making.’

(Brandt et al. 2012, Int. handbook of Participatory Design, Chapter 7, p. 381)

Inspired by the concept of a “third space” we invite you to participate in an art event creating a third space of Participatory Design. To create this third space we provide everything from wood to beads, yarn, old playthings, nails, duck tape, magazines, newspapers, tulle, pens, paint etc. but the enactment itself is up to you.

We hope you will come and play with us and partake in the activity of creating a third space with the other participants of the Participatory Design Conference 2012.