Thanks to everyone who participated in PDC2012. See you at PDC2014.

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Aug 12-16, 2012: PDC2012 in Roskilde

PDC2012 organizers

Attending PDC2012

PDC2012 takes place at the campus of Roskilde University, which is situated about 4 km east of the city centre of Roskilde. Take a look at the campus area. The dress code for the conference dinner is casual clothes and walking shoes. Take a look at the conference dinner site at Lejre Land of Legends.

Conference registration

Registration for PDC2012 is open. Register before June 15 to get the low early-bird rates. Please note that you have to register for the conference and workshops at the same time. Also, please start your registration by clicking the registration option you want (i.e., do not start by logging in in the horizontal menu); name, password and so forth come later in the registration process. We save money by using a free open-source registration system, but it is unfortunately not a user-friendly system - so just think about all the money we save when you struggle to register for the conference.


We have prebooked a number of rooms for your convenience at three hotels in Roskilde that all offer a conference discount rate. These prebooked rooms are available on a first-come basis. To make use of our prebooking you need to make your booking a month in advanvce of the conference. When you book please state that you are a "participant in the PDC conference at Roskilde University". There is free shuttle-bus round-trip transportation from these hotels to the conference site at Roskilde University. The buses bring you to the conference every day when it starts and back again after it ends (bus schedule).

We have prebooked rooms at the following hotels (view map):

Hotel Prindsen**** - about 4 km from Roskilde University

  • Address: Algade 13, 4000 Roskilde
  • Price: DKK 895 for a Standard Room (incl. breakfast)
  • Booking: or phone +45 4630 9100
  • Getting there: a taxi from Roskilde Station is about DKK 70, but it is only 1.1 km so you may also walk

Scandic*** - about 5 km from Roskilde University

  • Address: S√łndre Ringvej 33, 4000 Roskilde
  • Price: DKK 970 for a Standard Room, DKK 1170 for a Superior Single Room (incl. breakfast)
  • Booking: online, or phone +45 4632 4632
  • Getting there: a taxi from Roskilde Station is about DKK 100 for the 2.7 km ride

Danhostel Roskilde (budget) - about 5 km from Roskilde University

  • Address: Vindeboder 7, 4000 Roskilde
  • Price: app. DKK 500 for a Standard Room (incl. breakfast)
  • Booking: (send an email stating the booking code 5957, then you will receive further instructions) or phone +45 4635 2184
  • Getting there: a taxi from Roskilde Station is about DKK 100 for the 2.5 km ride
  • Note: check-in time is normally 16h00-18h00, you must contact the hotel if you need to change this

Roskilde University Campus Camping (budget budget) - camping on-site at campus

  • Price DKK 400 for the entire conference, including tent, 2 sleeping bags, 2 mats, 2 folding chairs and access to a bath, see photo. And you can keep everything after the conference!
  • If you want to make use of this option please contact the local organisation chair before August 1. Payment on site when you arrive at the conference.

Additional possibilities for accommodation (you are on your own)

Comwell*** - about 3 km from Roskilde University. Note that Comwell is not covered by the free shuttle-bus service.

Staying in Copenhagen. There is also the option of staying in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. The trains between Copenhagen and Roskilde University run about four times an hour. The train ride is 25 minutes and then there is a 10-minute walk from the station to Roskilde University. Note that the station closest to Roskilde University is Trekroner Station. In Copenhagen, there are multiple options for accommodation.


The airport closest to Roskilde University is Copenhagen Airport. Information about getting to Roskilde University from the airport, from Copenhagen, and from other places is available here. If you plan to use public transport, we recommend the journey planner, which covers all trains, metros, and buses in Denmark.

Local transport

There will be free shuttle-bus round-trip transportation from the conference hotels in Roskilde (Hotel Prindsen, Scandic, and Danhostel) to the conference site at Roskilde University (bus schedule).

Taxis are safe but fairly expensive. The fare for a taxi from the hotels in Roskilde to the conference is DKK 150-200. To get a taxi in Roskilde call +45 7025 7024.

Buses are safe and run frequently but tickets and routes may be difficult to figure out. Ask your hotel for assistance or try the journey planner.


Certain nationals need a visa to visit Denmark (further visa information).


Some legends say Roskilde was founded in the early 6th century by King Ro. Officially, Roskilde was founded by King Harald Bluetooth at around 960. For several centuries Roskilde was the capital of Denmark and among the largest cities in Northern Europe.

The main tourist attractions in Roskilde include Roskilde Cathedral, the Viking Ship Museum, the Roskilde Festival, and Lejre Land of Legends. The conference dinner will be at Lejre Land of Legends. Two sources of tourist information about Roskilde are and