Thanks to everyone who participated in PDC2012. See you at PDC2014.

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PDC showcased in Chinese magazine, Design 360

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Fifth Artful Integration Award

Aug 12-16, 2012: PDC2012 in Roskilde

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Visa information

Certain nationals need a short term Visa to Denmark to participate in PDC 2012. Visit the Danish Immigration Service to check whether you need a visa.

If you need to apply for at visa you need an invitation from us. We need the information below.  Submit this information to the local organization chair. Use the form VU 1 Invitation form for business visa applications (the form is available here) and enter this information before sending the form to us:

Information about the applicant
First name, Surname, date of birth, gender, nationality, Address in home country, Zip-code, City, Country, Telephone no. , E-mail

Information concerning the applicants company
Company name, Homepage, Company address, Zip-code, City, Country, Field of business, Telephone no., Fax no., E-mail, In which branch of the company is the applicant employed and in which capability?
Date of arrival – duration of stay
Are there any special circumstances to take into account concerning the visit?
Where will the applicant be staying during the visit (if you choose one the hotels we have prebooked just state the name).

When we receive the information above from you, you will receive either an invitation form from us or an invitation ID which you will have to take to the Danish representation in your country (find it here).

We recommend that you obtain your visa at least a month before the conference.